BANNER Solutions d’entrées sorties sans fil

Banner-sureCross-FamilyGamme complètes de modules E/S, liaisons séries et Ethernet sans fil
pour les environnements industriels.

Banner propose toute une gamme de passerelles de communication et de modules d’entrées sorties sans fil, en radio, sécurisé,
sur la bande libre 2,4GHz

Exemple d’architecture


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DX80 Gateway

DX80 Gateways »

The Gateway acts as a master device in a star topology autonomously controlling input-to-output mapping or as a Modbus slave in a host control system using RS-485 Modbus RTU.

DX80 Nodes

DX80 Nodes »

Nodes are the slave devices within Banner’s wireless I/O networks. Nodes collect data from sensors connected to their I/O points and transmit this information back to the Gateway. Nodes may be powered by either 10 to 30V dc or by battery supply module. These Nodes come in a variety of input/output options.

DX80DR*M Data Radio

Data Radios »

Data radios are wireless industrial communication devices used to extend the range of a Modbus or other serial communication network.

Intrinsically Safe Devices

DX99 Intrinsically Safe FlexPower Nodes »

Certain models of FlexPower Nodes are available for locations requiring intrinsically safe (Class I, Division 1/Zone 0) devices.

Intrinsically Safe Devices

FlexPower Solar Solutions »

The FlexPower Solar Supply provides standalone power for continuous wireless sensing and monitoring applications in a compact, plug-and-play power solution. The products listed on this page can be powered by the solar supply.

DX81 and DX81P6 Battery Supply Modules

FlexPower Power Supplies »

Several different power supply options are available for more of the FlexPower devices, including single battery packs, a 6-pack battery supply module, and a solar supply assembly.

FlexPower Sensors

Sensors Optimized for FlexPower Nodes »

These special sensors have been optimized to be powered from the FlexPower Nodes.

DX70 Devices

DX70 Point to Point Systems »

This factory configured Gateway and Node pair with direct I/O mapping offers plug-and-play installation.

DX85 Expanded Remote I/O Devices

DX85 Modbus RTU Remote I/O »

The DX85 Modbus RTU remote I/O devices have a Modbus interface and are used to expand the I/O of a Gateway or Modbus host.

DX80 Configured Kits

DX80 Configured Kits »

Configured kits contain one Gateway and one or more Nodes. The inputs and outputs of these devices are mapped and configured at the factory, simplifying setup and installation.